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2009-10-02 01:07:14 by serpentrepent

The Racking sobs of the sky blow across the windswept land blowing it's tears into our already tear stained cheeks.

bored again

2009-06-19 00:04:37 by serpentrepent

still bored


2009-06-03 13:57:33 by serpentrepent



2009-04-17 23:12:35 by serpentrepent

God i am bored out of my mind right know


2009-04-16 08:24:43 by serpentrepent

still waiting for my ride just waitin waiting for my ride

bored off my butt

2009-04-16 08:06:32 by serpentrepent

im sitting at home bored off my butt im waiting for a ride to shool and im pissed off cause it ain't here yet dangit.